Commercial & Consumer Leasing

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Whether you need 1 car or 100 trucks, a trailer or any other type of equipment, TM Financial Group aims to make the acquisition of your vehicles or equipment a simple and pain-free process. We can eliminate the hassle of dealership shopping and you can take advantage of manufactures fleet pricing. We can find those hard to locate vehicles, work type vehicles with equipment mounted on them as well as coordinating the installation of specific work equipment on the truck. With 20+ years experience in the vehicle and equipment leasing business we have cultivated relationships with fleet minded dealerships. We can set up the type of leasing plan that works for you.

We take the hassle out of shopping by offering unbiased information on vehicles and equipment, remember we have been doing this for 20+ years. For a personalized lease quote, contact TM Financial Group at (254)741-6060 or email us at